Jorge Lois Navarro

Persistent and wandering through the different ways of giving form to ideas, to that bustle of creative emotions which lead to the beauty of the object and create a world of aesthetic complicity, with whom one shares and moves in the constant search for balance, for the simplicity of the classic, for the order that breaks with the rules, for the avant-garde proposals… Always happy to see life through the eyes of an architect. Always an admirer of the interaction between architecture, art and design. The nostalgia for the Bauhaus movement is conveyed in his answers to the various design challenges, which are completed through the different disciplines, but always with eagerness to provide beauty and function. 

Professional profile

  • Architect Col. Nº 7833/E – Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid.
  • Industrial Designer
  • Certificación BEDA
  • Graphic Designer
  • Sometimes Photographer
  • Ex-Teacher
  • Associate founder of Megadesign S. L.
  • Associate founder of Concreta Obras y Servicios SL
  • Owner of Lois Arquitectura

Specialized in:

  • Architecture and interior design
  • Design of commercial and exhibition spaces
  • Architectural development of programs of corporate identity
  • Ephemeral architecture and graphitecture
  • Domestic and urban equipment design