Facial Expressions
(Gestures & Design)

These creations emerge from the Bauhaus philosophy of total art and from the need to express human body language through shape and colour, in a controlled exercise of balance of planes, iconic sublimations, formal minimalism and with a dialogue between the basic colours.

The emotions are manifested with an expressive power, attractive just by the simple exercise of translating, with minimal compositional elements intelligently combined, the so varied human face expressions.

This production has the objective of being an aesthetic contribution to architectural spaces; to incite a dialogue with the environment, constructing points for reflection, which work together and increase the beauty of the whole.

Photo by: Denys Striyeshyn

It is a limited and signed edition of 10 works in size 30 x 40cm printed in high quality, with mineral pigment ink on Photosatin or Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper of 308gr, 100% cotton, and another edition in 60x80cm printed in the same way on Photosatin paper.

Photo by: Gabe Rebra
Photo by: