LOIS art design

Editor of pieces of art and design that with their beauty generate happiness for the creator and those who enjoy them.

Presenting the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS (Gestures & Design) collection, which through the composition of planes and basic colors, interprets a complex inner world of individuals manifested in the different facial gestures, embodying it with an expressive force displayed as the greatest synthesis and elegance of the minimal.

The author of this collection is Jorge Lois Navarro, a resilient and demanding creative mind, who has always ventured through the vast world of design: graphic, industrial and architectural; cultivating an experience that has allow him to display examples which exude his love for art and creation.

Photo by: Laura Davidson

From his particular way of understanding artistic expression, he pours his excitement into collection pieces, which aspire to coexist with people’s closest circles, the intimate or social ones, through the magical beauty that these pieces hold, in order to produce positive feelings and enrich their owner.

Photo by: Clarice Crosset
Photo by: Kam Idris